Cheeky Vintage

Cheeky Vintage is a Houston-based hot spot for vintage collectors and a coveted source of inspiration for American designers. Founded in 2008, Cheeky Vintage is known for its high-end vintage offering with a colorful wink to the past. Nestled near the River Oaks neighborhood, the Cheeky Vintage bungalow is a treasure trove of vintage Pucci, Givenchy and 60’s designer gowns that were once donned by some of the area’s most fabulous women. 

Armed with loads of ideas and inspiration, Cheeky Vintage shop owner Tina Davis launched her own private collection of vintage-inspired fashion in 2020. The whimsical line continues to grow with an emphasis on print, color, and detail. Her appreciation for bold colors and pops of pattern translates in to a fun-loving array of clever designs that are unique and easy to wear.