Coco Shop

Sue Sartor

Coco Shop was founded in Antigua in 1949 by siblings Pat Starr and Amos Morrill. It began as a crafts table in the island’s capital of St. John’s with the goal of giving local artists a place to sell their work. Quickly, it grew into a beloved clothing company known for its high quality, cotton pieces in whimsical, island prints. With stores in both the island’s capital and airport, travelers were encouraged to take a piece of Antigua home with them by purchasing from the shop. Each garment was the result of collaboration between many hands, making it truly representative of the island. The company closed its doors after 68 years in operation.

In April of 2019, Coco Shop was relaunched by Taylor Simmons. Simmons spent much of her childhood in Antigua. Her paternal grandparents were friends with and island contemporaries of Pat and Amos and her parents followed, allowing Simmons to grow up with a love of and appreciation for the island, its community and Coco Shop. Simmons relaunched the brand to preserve the company’s history and renew its pledge to support Caribbean artists. Like the original company, Coco Shop makes all pieces from cotton in the company’s original prints. 

Simmons grew up between New York and Massachusetts. She graduated from Harvard College, spent three years as a buyer at Bloomingdale’s and interned at luxury womenswear brand Rosie Assoulin while at NYU’s Stern School of Business.