Daphne Wilde

Sue Sartor

Daphne Wilde founder Britt Wallach created Daphne Wilde with a nostalgic nod to the house dresses of her grandmother’s generation combined with the functionality and ease designed by modern women. Wallach was inspired by the idea of “sprezzatura” - the Italian word meaning “effortless ease.” Her goal was to help women feel as stylish off-duty as on - effortlessly and without forgoing comfort. The Daphne Wilde collection was named after their beloved family dog Daphne and her son’s middle name, Wilde. 

Britt Walach grew up in Napa Valley, studied at Williams College and earned her MBA at Columbia Business School. Upon graduation she worked in investment banking and several start-ups before launching Daphne Wilde.The collection is manufactured in New York and hand-finished by refugee and first generation women building new lives in the United States.