Mi Golondrina

Christina Lynch

Cristina Lynch is the CEO and founder of Mi Golondrina and a proud mother of two. She created the brand in 2013 to celebrate the beauty and traditions of Mexican artisans. 

Her mother grew up in Mexico and exposed Cristina to traditional art and garments from an early age. After graduating from NYU and working in fashion in New York City, Cristina realized there was a gap in the market for garments handmade by Mexican artisans. Having intimately experienced the quality of artisanal work she knew their work rivaled that of the most couture designers.

With that conviction Cristina moved back to Dallas and launched Mi Golondrina. Eight years

later, the brand operates a retail store and a growing online business. Mi Golindrina has expanded into new lines including childrens’ clothing, accessories and home. 

Today Mi Golondrina is proud to partner with hundreds of artisans from nearly a dozen different communities across Mexico. With a growing business and a true love for Mexico, Cristina has given birth to a thriving market for beautiful handmade clothing. Mi Golondrina continues to support and bolster the traditions and heritage of hand-embroidery and the families that create them.

A common question that people ask of Cristina is why the name Mi Golondrina? As a child, she spent time at her grandfather’s ranch in Mexico. She remembers seeing small swallows or ‘golondrinas’ flying and nesting. Those golondrinas are a symbol for the brand, as Cristina envisions golondrinas delivering the beauty of Mexico to women across the world.